A fun way to sneak oats in to your toddler’s diet

One of the memories that I have since I was little, is that always at home my mother fed us with oats. I remember how she always told us that we should eat it all for the benefits it had for our health. It was a story she repeated over and over again and now that I have children I understand why.

Not all children like to eat oatmeal, at least for mine it is not their favorite. However, I am always looking for ways to integrate it into their diet. I finally found a fun way to sneak oats into their diet and it’s thanks to HappyTot yogurt.

Making this delicious Frozen Yogurt Bites you can incorporate yogurt, oatmeal and chia seeds every day in small bites. You can add also fruit. They are the perfect snack for the upcoming season. 

You can find HappyTot Whole Milk Yogurt at your nearest Safeway store. Take advantage of the coupon that is available now: Get $ 1 off in the purchase of two Happy baby or Happy Tots Yogurt multipack or single pouches. Click HERE to get the coupon. 

Prepare these treats that I’m sure you both will love. You, for how easy they are to prepare and your little one, because he has what he likes in one small bite.



It is very easy to prepare. All you have to do is put a portion of yogurt in each space of the mold (3/4 of each box) so that you leave room to add the fruit. And finally, add to each little box a bit of fruit with which you can even give that sweet touch to yogurt. Put them in the freezer for 45 minutes.

Happy-Tot-Yogurt-how-to-sneak-oats-in-to-your-toddler's-diet Happy-Tot-Yogurt-how-to-sneak-oats-in-to-your-toddler's-diet Happy-Tot-Yogurt-how-to-sneak-oats-in-to-your-toddler's-diet

You’ll have small delicious bites with the nutrients that your little one needs at this stage of growth. Happy Family products use Organic Dairy, No Added Sweeteners and they are a source of Probiotics, Calcium and Vitamin D. This is a fun way to sneak oats into your toddler’s diet.



Try it out and let me know how your little one likes it.Go to Safeway today and save. Get $ 1 off in the purchase of two Happy Baby or Happy Tots Yogurt multipack or single pouches. Print out this coupon. 


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A fun way to sneak oats in to your toddler’s diet

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