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I am a person with an adventurous spirit. I like to take risks, I like to see new places and try new things. I always say to my husband, «You never know when you are going to find your new favorite thing.

«When it comes to food, I’m the same. I feel that food carries part of every culture. Traveling is a great way to get to know a place through its food. 

When De La Viuda® Hot Sauce invited me to try their hot sauces I was thrilled by the idea of ​​finding something new and delicious.

Just by seeing the presentation of the product, you know that it will be good. «De La Viuda® is a very vibrant and bold brand that wants to celebrate life and find the art in every day».


“The zest and beauty of De La Viuda® are showcased in the flavors and bottle art, which are inspired by the life of Señora Sanchez, a widowed mother of four from Jalisco, Mexico. To honor her late husband de la, Señora Sanchez opened a street cart to sell the homemade hot sauce he so adored. De La Viuda® Hot Sauce is a tribute to the legacy of sharing real spice and passion and continues to artfully pay tribute to Señora Sanchez’s beloved husband».

De la Viuda Hot Mexican Sauce

Hot sauce is part of the Mexican spirit and traditions, it has the power to enhance the flavors of a dish, even to improve it. De La Viuda® Hot Sauce is a 100% traditional Mexican hot sauce.

If you like a spicy sauce with more texture and intensity, then De La Viuda® Hot Sauce Original is for you. «A traditionally pure Mexican hot sauce that’s carefully crafted with chile de Arbol peppers and artfully blended with an authentic mix of hand-selected premium ingredients and spices.»

And my favorite, De La Viuda® Hot Sauce Green Peppers. “A masterfully balanced hot sauce paired with an inspired mix of poblano and habanero peppers to create a palette of flavor that is delightfully unique”.

De la Viuda Hot Mexican Sauce

When you’re craving your favorite dish, De La Viuda® Hot Sauce is perfect.

I love quesadillas, but it is not worth it for me if it is not accompanied by a good spicy sauce. I have to say that It goes well with everything, with breakfast, with soups, fajitas, chips and even with your favorite fruits or vegetables.

You can buy this beautiful set of hot sauces and give someone something different and that I can assure you, they will enjoy it. Buy De La Viuda® the special package here

You have to try these sauces and when you do please share a photo of your favorite dish and De La Viuda® Hot Sauce using the hashtag #TheArtOfSpice.

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  1. Anabella Mirowski (Aeroconcierge)

    No conocía los productos De La Viuda Hot Sauces. La presentación de los envases me encanta! Y se ven suculentas y poderosas estas salsas 🔥 Las voy a probar! Gracias por compartir 😏

  2. La verdad es que nunca he tenido la oportunidad de probar esta salsa picante. La verdad es que en casa somos amantes de la hot sauce, así que voy a comprarla seguro ¡tiene excelente pinta! muchas gracias por la reseña, un saludo!

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