Recreando la película LADY AND THE TRAMP

I have always thought that Disney is great because it has given us movies with moments, places and unforgettable scenes. One of them is “Lady and the Tramp ” that this week went on sale in Digital DVD and BLUE Ray format

This is a beautiful film, a classic, that always brings me the best memories of my childhood. How not to remember  this beloved Disney classic full of humor and heart, perfectly pampered Lady and the street Tramp embark on exciting adventures with an unforgettable cast of characters. It is definitely one of the best love stories of Disney.

Famous part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection, Lady and the Tramp captivates audiences of all ages with brilliant animations, remarkable songs and exclusive extras! That is why if you are a movie collector, if you have all the Disney classics or if you are looking for a different movie to take home, this is without a doubt a good option.  The boys will love it!

If you already have a time reading my blog, you will know that I love doing special things with my children and for me it was a challenge to make a recreation of the most famous scene in this movie.


I have to admit that this is the time I have had the most fun and that they have enjoyed. Not only did we do it, we ate deliciously.

From cooking the pasta, which by the way is your favorite, to putting every detail was a delight. This time the biggest credit I have to give my little Sofia who was the one who made these beautiful photos possible.

I took charge of cooking, getting everything and putting it on. She took care of the rest.

This was one of the moments in which I was grateful for the joy of having the camera ready and be able to take them in action. She alone, without me saying anything as if she knew what I was looking for, grabbed the noodles and began to make her own.

lady-and-the-tramp-disney-movie-on-dvd-lueray lady-and-the-tramp-disney-movie-on-dvd-lueray

With that I confirm two things: the first, that definitely the movie liked and happened to each of us that was recorded the most romantic scene of the entire film. And the second: Diego loves spaghetti with madness. It seems to them?


I took the pictures and gave directions to Sofi and him, like we were not there. He ate and ate without problem. I think he did not even realize that he was being photographed. When I enjoyed this moment.


These are experiences that they do not forget and that in my case in this opportunity, I will always remember that day when the spontaneity of my little Sofia surprised everyone.

Make the attempt, do this kind of thing with them. Not only will you have an animated film classic at home, you will also have memories to treasure all your life.

Search today in your favorite DVD and BLUE-RAY store “LADY AND THE TRAMP” 


What do you think about the idea? You dare?

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