Halloween Party Ideas: Spider Treats

These Spider Treats are so delicious. They are ready in 10 minutes and they will look awesome in your Halloween Party table .
This year it’s my turn to bring a delicious treat to our Halloween party with friends.  So I thought of these spider treats that not only look beautiful, they are tasty.
These Spider Treats remind me of my mother’s parties. Cookies with paté (liver wurst spread) were her favorite and we use to have them in our parties during the holidays. This time I gave a different touch to her treats by adding Mini Babybel® cheeses and I made some spiders that will look very nice in our Halloween party.
You can find the Mini Babybel® cheeses at Target and during the month of October will have different specials. For us every trip to Target is fun because we all get what we like and in our resent visit we agreed with my daughter on the Mini Babybel® Cheeses.
Halloween-Party-Ideas-Spider-Treats-foodMini-Babybel-at-Traget Mini-Babybel-at-Traget
What an awesome surprise for my daughter to see the Halloween Theme wrappers on the Mini Babybel® Cheeses. She loved it.
Celebrate Halloween with their Seasonal packaging, is a fun experience of opening the cheese or make these Spiders Treats with Mini Babybel®.
  • They are very easy to prepare all you need are 4 ingredients:1 Box of salty round crackers
    Paté (Liver wurst spread)
    1 bag of Mini Babybel® cheeses
    1 can of black olivesHalloween-Party-Ideas-Spider-Treats-food

The process is very simple and you can see it in this video

Mini Babybel® cheeses are delicious. My daughter Sofia loves it. So if you want to make this appetizer for kids I suggest you replace the pate with Ham to make it more palatable to the little ones.

Do you have any idea on how to enjoy these delicious cheeses? share it with me

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Halloween Party Ideas: Spider Treats

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