3 ideas fáciles y económicas para celebrar la Pascua

Since I came to this country one of the celebrations that I like the most is Easter. But many times we can not or do not want to spend a lot of money when it comes to celebrating it. That’s why I gathered for these 3 easy and inexpensive ideas to celebrate with your little Easter Sunday.

Do not forget that it is always good to focus on them and the things they like but above all, to keep them happy and entertained.

Let’s start early in the morning.

  1. Easter breakfast

If you already have a time visiting my blog, you will know that for me the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Not only because it is necessary to start with desire, it is the time of day that I dedicate to my little ones.

So how about offering them their pancakes in a different way? I really liked this idea and my daughter Sofia even more.

First look for a carton of eggs and cut it so that it is in a dozen. You could even use a carton of the ones they already sell per dozen. I cut this one because it’s what I had at home.



Then, prepare the pancakes as you regularly do. Now using cookie molds in the form of rabbit and egg cut small shapes into pancakes.


In a small plastic container pour some honey for pancakes and put it inside the cardboard.



And finally, you just have to put each shape inside each hole and that’s it. You have a delicious and fun Easter breakfast that your kids will love.



2. Easter Rabbit Footprints

And what would an egg hunt be without the Easter bunny? Well, you have to let the little ones know that the rabbit actually arrived to leave each one of the eggs they should find.

Then with colored plaster painted on the garden floor or where the land would be traces. In very easy and the children get excited from before they start looking for their Easter eggs.


3. Name Cards for the Table 

And well when the hunt ends you will surely be hungry. So prepare a nice table so that they feel they are in a special celebration of truth.

Using the same rabbit mold cuts small paper bunnies.

Write to them each of the names of your guests. Choose your seats and you will see that everyone will feel at a special party.



You see? there are simple ways to celebrate with the family. The important thing that you do not stop doing it. The most beautiful thing we can leave to our children are the customs and traditions, which are the things they will only remember when they grow up.

Which of these 3 ideas is your favorite?

I hope you enjoy a quiet and fun Easter Sunday. Blessings.



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